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Greenlife is Canada’s largest provider of procurement services for the horticultural, garden centre and agricultural markets. The company serves a vast number of professionals and retailers throughout Canada, from British-Columbia to Maritimes. 

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First and foremost, a service company covering Canada

Greenlife is a joint-venture of 4 strong regional procurement services and wholesale companies throughout Canada.

Atlantic Canada is covered by Halifax Seed Company Inc. established in 1866 and Canada's oldest continuously operating family owned Seed Company.

Quebec is covered by TERIS Supply Services Inc. established by Fernand Corbeil in the 1960s, the company has benefited from a significant entrepreneurial tradition and many years ago established a solid reputation for honesty and transparency. It is a company that listens to its customers and cares about their success. 

Prairies are covered by HJS Wholesale Ltd founded in 1981, and a premier distributor of greenhouse, nursery, landscape and indoor gardening products.

British Columbia is covered by C Y Grower Supplies, founded in 2001. This young company has quickly established a reputation of providing nursery and greenhouse growers with quality products at competitive pricing. This all backed with first rate, honest service provided by staff with well over 50 years of experience in the horticulture industry.

Greenlife is organized according to a one-stop service model to be able to meet the growing demand for a more complex range of support services that are beyond simply supplying specialized products.

Greenlife first objective is to promote the horticulture and the gardening throughout Canada bringing representation and expertise to the consumers and the industry. Greenlife bring value to the horticultural and gardening industry with its purchasing power and serves as full coast-to-coast Canada coverage pipeline of distribution for manufacturers. Greenlife has also its own line of value added products.

This range of services—unique in the field—is designed for all horticultural professionals operating greenhouses, nurseries and garden centres, as well as retailers.


There are two basic components to Greenlife operations: providing support services and supplying products and equipment. The combination of the two makes Greenlife a leader in its industry.

Support services

Procurement professionals with specialized systems skills, Greenlife managers can supply you with expert advice.

Products and equipment

With over 5,000 active customers, Greenlife is Canada’s leading wholesaler of horticultural and gardening products and equipment.

Its catalogue of over 30,000 products, available through a network of sales representatives and on the Web, covers every single greenhouse, nursery, hydroponics or general agricultural need: pots and containers, garden accessories, potting soils, fertilizer, decorative products, tools, greenhouse covers, structural components, heating, ventilation, sprinkling, irrigation, spraying and lighting systems, monitoring devices, and more.


Greenlife also wants to be known for its commitment to environmentally friendly actions all across Canada. Therefore, in addition to carrying a wide range of natural, biodegradable “green” products, it has set up an innovative program to recycle plastic pots and containers, ground covers, irrigation tubing and greenhouse films in order to reduce its environmental footprint. This ambitious initiative— called the “EnviroPots Solution” in Quebec, “Blooming Good Idea Closed Loop Recycling” in Manitoba and offered by Halifax Seed in Atlantic Canada —has gained Greenlife members a number of honours.